Arapaho National Forest – Idaho Springs, Colorado – Mestaa’ėhehe Mountain Trail

Mestaa’ėhehe Mountain was recently re-named honoring a native translator. This amazing person, AKA Owl Woman, was an important member of the Cheyenne tribe during the early 1800s. She helped ease tensions between her tribe and the “newcomers” prior to the government ordered Sand Creek Massacre during the Colorado War.

We took Old S-Pass Road from the Chief Mountain trail to get to the Mestaa’ėhehe Mountain Lookout Trail. However, Mestaa’ėhehe Trail does have its own parking lots. The road to get to the lots is pretty rocky so recommended for ATV vehicles only. There is also a shooting range by one of the parking lots.

Arapaho National Forest - Idaho Springs, Colorado - Squaw Mountain Trail- road to ATV parking lot
Arapaho National Forest - Idaho Springs, Colorado - Squaw Mountain Trail- shooting range rules
Bang bang!

This trail is very wide and extremely easy to follow. We saw multiple kiddos on their way up! The climb felt harder than it should have for us because we had just hiked Chief Mountain.

There is power running to the top of the mountain, and there is a small shelter called Fire Lookout Tower at the top. You can rent this shelter and can even spend the night there!

Bring a snack or a lunch because there is a nice picnic table at the summit as well. We sat at the table for a few minutes to relax and soak in the amazing views!

And finally, if you are as lucky as us, you will see a very very good girl (Golden Retriever) on the trail. Sammie’s owner said she has made the climb over 100 times. She sure did know her way around! LOL

Distance4.1 Miles
DifficultyEasy to Moderate
Duration2.5 Hours
Trail TypeOut and Back
Elevation Gain862
Peak Elevation11,557
Trailhead Location
ParkingRoad Parking / Lot (ATV Access Only)
Town Nearest HikeIdaho Springs, Colorado
FeeNo Fee
Date Hiked9/5/21

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